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We offer a broad range of moving services for Canberra residents and businesses – from packing boxes to moving pool tables!

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Additional Moving Services

A range of high quality, affordable moving services to suit your needs. We offer the below services on their own or as part of an overall house or office removal project.

Packing & Unpacking

Our team of packers can arrive at your home the day prior to your move – saving you a lot of time! Our packers work efficiently and respectfully to pack everything from your cutlery to your book collection. We will also unpack your belongings once they arrive at your new home.

Junk Removal

Our team will pick up your unwanted belongings for you, saving you the hassle. Anything we collect will be donated or recycled before going to the tip. Let us help you declutter or remove your old mattresses or appliances.

Storage Solutions

Our safe and secure storage solutions cater to people who need temporary storage while relocating, moving overseas or renovating.

Specialist Moves

We are skilled at moving specialist equipment, furniture and items such as pianos, pool tables and safes.

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Feel free to give us a call on (02) 6190 0459, or get an online quote in seconds.

Tips to help with your move

Moving Advice

Moving Electronics

Back up your important files prior to moving. Pick up some protective packing supplies such as anti-static bubble wrap. Protect the screen by placing a cardboard cutout over the screen and wrapping it tightly in bubble wrap.

Moving Pets

Keep their walking and feeding routine as normal as possible while packing. Keep your pets with you if possible on moving date. Gradually introduce your pets to their new surroundings – get them used to one room at a time.

Moving Long Distance

Plan well in advance and stick to your schedule. Update important documents such as your driver licence. Choose a reputable moving company like Canberra Removalist Professionals.

Moving With Children

Communicate and allow children to actively participate in packing where possible. Make new friends in your new location, but keep the old ones. Stay positive throughout the process.

Tips to help with your move

Moving Checklist

Your move is coming up, and there’s lots of small tasks still to accomplish. Use this handy checklist to see what you need to do to make your move a breeze.

1 Month Before Moving


Decide on a moving date that fits your schedule.


Book your moving date with Canberra Removal Professionals


Order boxes and supplies from Canberra Removalist Professionals

2 Weeks Before Moving


Start packing, room by room. Ensure your boxes are clearly labelled (mark which boxes contain fragile items)


Recycle, throw out or donate your unwanted belongings to charity. Or contact us for our junk removal service


Scope out your pickup and delivery addresses – will there be parking availability for a removalist truck? 

1 Week Before Moving


Start to finish up the food in your fridge and pantry


Start to pack some of the items you’ll need on moving day, such as spare clothes, toiletries etc


Contact your Canberra Removalist Professionals moving manager if you have any questions 


Contact your providers for the following service to arrange your change of address ahead of time: electricity, gas, water, internet, telephone, mail redirect, home & contents insurance

Night Before the Move


Disconnect/unplug your dishwasher and washing machine and drain out the hoses into a bucket


Prepare your appliances for relocation, including fridges, BBQs (disconnect the gas bottle), etc


Park your car in the parking spot you want your Canberra Removalist Professional moving truck to go the next day


Pack the rest of your moving day bag, and do a final search through your home (under tables, couches, etc) for spare items

Moving Day!

If you’ve booked your move with Canberra Removalist Professionals, this will be the easiest day of all. Sit back and let us do the work!


We’ll call you prior to our arrival on the day.


Let us know which items and boxes are fragile.


Sit back and relax!


Once the good are loaded into our truck, head over to your new address.


Tell us where to unload and place your furniture, boxes and items.


Say goodbye to your professional removal team and order some takeaway!